We have a team of over 50 designers ready to create your dream. Our team is highly skilled and experienced with members specializing in all areas of design from ensuites to 5-star hotels.  We can design any space in your home and supply the materials and products required.

Simply click on the design category within the mall to be connected to an expert. You will be asked a few questions so we can connect you with the right designers for you and we can begin the design process.

You will need to submit the design space and style you would like and our designers will work their magic. Once the initial design is complete you will be given a 3D realistic view, floor plan and cost of materials.

You can then request alterations to the design until you are happy with the result. 

No, as part of the process, we will get in contact after each order to ensure that your custom products you've chosen meet your requirements, as well as to give you options and timings for shipping methods. Once you are happy with your products and shipping arrangements, we will then process your order and arrange payment via bank transfer.

If you would like a customised product, you will first need to add the item to your cart. Then feel free to give us a call or use the chat function to get in touch and specify your customisation.

Once you have initiated the checkout process, we will get in touch to confirm the product details and update the order for our manufacturer. You will be emailed a copy of the updated changes and customisation of the products and it will also be reflected in your account.

We currently do not include shipping costs in our price lists. To find a shipping estimate on a product, please get in touch via the chat box function on the product's page. 

We will contact you when you initiate the checkout and complete your order to discuss shipping methods and prices. Please note that shipping currently varies due to the global pandemic.

Yes we are – some products come directly off our own factory production lines, but we also source high quality products from other manufacturers across the globe. 

No stress, we make it easy for you. We provide a complete end-to-end service from idea to delivery with contact via phone or email the whole way.

Yes, our prices are incredibly competitive, but quality comes first at Dream Builder. Our product range is of the highest quality. Our prices are competitive because we source our products straight from the manufacturing source.

For singular products such as kitchen cabinets and wardrobe sets, the cost of design is included in the purchase price. For complete designs of business and home spaces, we do charge a small fee at a very competitive rate. Check it out in the mall and if you have any further queries on price don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Let us know what you are after and our team will do their best to find and source it for you. If there’s something specific you’re after, get in touch with your query and we’ll help you out. We may suggest options from other suppliers to meet your needs.

We are here to help you through this process. You can liaise directly to our team in the factory or we can do this on your behalf. We always monitor conversations between you and the factory to ensure specifications are met. 

You will need to email us a dimensional floor plan of your kitchen/wardrobe area. The best way to do this is to have your builder or fitter measure your designated floor plan area. You can do this yourself if you are comfortable doing so. If you have a design in mind, a simple layout sketch should be included on the floor plan or our design team will be happy to design this for you with your requirements.

You will need to select the kitchen/wardrobe of your choice and extra requirements (i.e. 900mm opening for your dishwasher). You may be overwhelmed by the array of customisation options so send us an email if you have any further questions and would like a hand.

As soon as we have your vision, we can start turning it into a reality. Our design team will complete the first design and supply you with a 3d view and a floor plan. From here you can request alterations to the design until you are satisfied.

We will then place the order for you and construction can begin. Construction will take between 3-4 weeks.

Once the kitchen is complete, we will complete a quality assurance check of your products and ship them to you. Once your products arrive in New Zealand, we will do an additional quality assurance check to and transport them to your site to be fitted.

Yes you can! We are here to help you fill your own container and have it delivered directly to your site, with options to purchase or rent our containers. This can save you money and speed up the process as we can ship directly to your local port.

Yes. You will receive regular updates to advise you of where your goods are in the production and shipping process.

All our prices are inclusive of shipping costs to New Zealand. An additional shipping cost will be added to deliver your products from our warehouse in Wanganui to your address which can vary depending on your location and the nature of your order. Please contact us with your order details.  for a shipping quote.

Our displayed prices are exclusive of GST. GST will be added at the checkout. 

This largely depends on your order. Currently we are shipping twice a month but some products that require design and custom manufacture will vary. Here’s a table outlining the different ranges. 

Custom design 7-14 days
Construction25 days
Packing and loading7-14 days
Shipment to NZ28-35 days
Delivery to address5-7 days

Yes we do, and these vary depending on the product. We supply a 5-year warranty for wood products and 1-year warranty for electrical appliances, doors, windows, tiles and bathroom fittings.

Yes of course! On the odd chance something does go wrong, you can sleep easy knowing our team is on the case. We check every order and have a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure every order is up to par and shipments are smooth sailing. We also adhere to and are protected by the Consumers Guarantees Act 1993

Got a question for us that needs answering? Contact our team and we'll solve your query in no time.