We're a couple of Kiwi blokes who decided enough is enough. Construction and building in our country has skyrocketed, and the hard truth is that costs continue to rise. We created Dream Builder NZ to curb that, to disrupt the industry and give other kiwis access to a massive range of building supplies, finishing touches, and some pretty cool toys – that doesn't compromise on quality or cost. We want to use our expertise and experience to bring the world's best building supplies, right to your doorstep or worksite and ready to go.


Dream Builder NZ is an online direct-to-consumer marketplace for building supplies. We provide the largest range of building supplies that doesn't compromise on cost or quality, without the middleman. All items and pricing are 100% transparent end-to-end, ready for fitting and installation upon arrival.

We do this by sourcing supplies straight from the manufacturer in bulk to lower the unit cost as well as the end-consumer cost, providing an accessible, one-stop-shop for DIYers and developers alike. By facilitating sales in New Zealand directly with the manufacturer and creating the marketplace, we offer convenience as well as a holistic solution for customers in the building industry. Building trust before, during and post-sales with the customer is of the utmost importance to us, as we want to create a community of satisfied and happy customers.


We sell everything from tiles, curtains, to full lounge suites, lighting fixtures, complete ready-to-go kitchens and wardrobes, all the appliances and tools that would make any builder blush, and everything in between you can dream up for your dream home. Have a look for yourself in our mall and if there's something you want that's not there, just get in touch and we'll do our best to make it happen for you.


We understand that it can be both intimidating and time-consuming, as well as confusing with the hoops we have to jump through to get compliance and certified here. That's why we wanted to go the extra mile to provide a comprehensive cradle of support from end-to-end, utilising our collective industry experience and expertise to take the hard out of getting it right.

Custom Product Design

Every dream can turn into reality with Dream Builder. Find a daybed that doesn't quite fit that nook? No worries, we've got the capacity working with a team of designers to make sure you can read your favourite book with your favourite cab sav instead of worrying about how to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Personal Shopping Assistance

We know how busy it can get balancing life, and we don't want to be wasting time or getting frustrated when planning and building your dream home either. That's why we provide personal shopping experiences, so you can do the dreaming and we'll do the heavy lifting. Let us know what your after and we can guide you through all the possibilities.

Quality assurance

Like our costs, we don't compromise on quality – EVER. We have a 100% quality assurance guarantee with our entire range of supplies and products. We wanted to bring in materials and supplies that would last generations and break the leaky-home cycles and poor builds that we grew up with. We wouldn't put something we don't trust in our own homes, and neither would you.


We have a team of over 50 designers ready to create your dream. Our team is highly skilled and experienced with members specializing in all areas of design from ensuites to 5-star hotels.  We can design any space in your home and supply the materials and products required.

Simply click on the design category within the mall to be connected to an expert. You will be asked a few questions so we can connect you with the right designers for you and we can begin the design process.

You will need to submit the design space and style you would like and our designers will work their magic. Once the initial design is complete you will be given a 3D realistic view, floor plan and cost of materials.

You can then request alterations to the design until you are happy with the result. 

No, as part of the process, we will get in contact after each order to ensure that your custom products you've chosen meet your requirements, as well as to give you options and timings for shipping methods. Once you are happy with your products and shipping arrangements, we will then process your order and arrange payment via bank transfer.

If you would like a customised product, you will first need to add the item to your cart. Then feel free to give us a call or use the chat function to get in touch and specify your customisation.

Once you have initiated the checkout process, we will get in touch to confirm the product details and update the order for our manufacturer. You will be emailed a copy of the updated changes and customisation of the products and it will also be reflected in your account.